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Seems reasonable to follow my beersnob pages with a few words about curry. I won't debate whether "Curry" is an appropriate word for for the food I enjoy, - I like spicy asian food, and often visit curry houses in the UK, - (and elswhere given the chance - ) so will comment on the restaurants I visit, and might even include a photograph two.
If you arrive in Leicester by train you have a fine selction of curry houses ready and waiting very close by. Have a look at curry houses on London Road Leicester
bye bye

End of the road for the Curry House? (05/01/18) - well it was closed today, and looks very tatty. Disappointing if so, - used to be so good in its old premisis lower down London Road, but has been in decline for some time, really mediocre on my previous/last? visit

If it is still open for business, needs tidying up, (and a new chef)

Chettinad London Road Leicester -: 0116 319 2112 /
Well it's been a while, but at last we visted Chettinad "South Indian" Restauran and we really enjoyed. Excellent Dosa, (Sambar a little on the sweet side) tasty curries, not too spicy, - in fact my Poricha Kolli Was a bit mild - However that would have pleased my friend who's Eral Dosa (Prawn) was a bit too spicy for her palate, but was just right for mine, so perhaps should have swapped. . Bottled Kingfisher, Draught Cobra Reasonable Prices throughout. Less than £30 each for Starters/Mains/Breads/Sides/Drinks - special mention for delightful staff & excellent service. And a huge pair of Puris!
August 2017
Kayal Restaurant 153 Granby Street Leicester

Kayal is a popular South Indian restaurant, which I've visited a few times. It's not popular with me. I just don't see the appeal. food is OK, nothing special, but it's expensive and poor value. The Poppadom variety show was at least colourful, but cold & dry (yesterday's?) and the orange things tasted slightly burnt. The Puri with the Thali was puffy but chewy, the Dosa large but too thick. not delicate and crisp. And then the fusion plates /bowls, too large for a small table, looked like some reject upturned sombreros. My main course, Chicken Curry/Kozhi Kurumulagu was appropriately chickeny and really rather nice, but at nearly £13 needed to be. The SOS alert BTW is not a cry for help, but Style over Substance. Food and pesentation - and their web site kidnaps the mouse pointer and turns it into a an oil lamp, making it even harder to navigate their pretentious pages. And the Menu - From our fishermen's nets / from the garden? Please! ---View the menu. (Have fun typo spotting in the link) -

September 2016
The Nawaaz 159 London Road (Where the Akash Used to be)
Just to check, we went back. and it was better - has to be the best on London road

Well here's something that exceeded expectations. (First, note that at tme of writing, November 2015 they don't sell alcohol, but invite you to bring your own. - There's a Sainsbury just across the road. We walked into the restauarnt and complimentary popadoms arrived. Then complimentary pakoras. Starter was the best prawn on puri for many years. Tasty and prawny. Mains were Chicken achari, chickeny and plenty of pickle, (Madras was appropriately spicy) Bombay aloo and another freebie, veggie curry, unique smoky taste, not quite sure how this was achieved - caramelised fried onion? - delicious. Lots of rice, excelletn chapati and naan. All the food was served promptly and very hot (Temperature) Perfect. And then slices of orange and melon, no charge. The final cost? £11 each. Great food, great prices. Give it a go.

The Curry house is now situated at 118 London Road

So, the new curry house further up Londonn Road - it was OK. a bit boring and samey. The dish far left was Jeera Chicken and next to that a chicken Jalfreizi. It seemed to me that only difference was the Jeera chicken had a few cumin/jeera seeds in it, and the Jalfreizi no cumin seeds, but a bit more chilli powder. The Matar paneer unnecessarily vibrant. It all tasted ok, and the saag aloo was nice, but overall a bit disappointing

Spice Bazzar "Authentic Indian Cuisine" 320 Welford Road leicester
Spice bazzar
genghis said

Two new curries in a week, that's the way to do it. Definitely recommend this one. Delcicious if unusually named "Genghis Said" (Barbecued chicken and spiced minced meat cooked with peppers, onions & tomatoes, served in a spicy sauce) - special mention to the Chilli chicken masala. Prawn puree starter a bit bland, but a slice of orange, that's a new one. Anyway, excellent food, large portions, good value, friendly staff and efficient service. Will visit again.

Now a "Grill"
(Update Feb 2017 -Looks to be closed. Certainly windows curtained off --- )

Nice to try somewher new for a change (August 2015). On the site of the Agra and subsequent Adams, a new business. Excellent version of restaurant standards, - I had chicked dopiaza., plenty of chicken and and onion, in a thick tasty clingy sauce, (not just a few bits of meat floating around in a wet gravy) Friends had Kebabs, Kormas and Kharais, and many other dishes not beginning with K, all were excellent, and washed down with reasonably priced draft Kingfisher (which does begin with K). Excellent friendly service too.

"Salt" Just eat menu
Shimla Pinks 65-69 London Road Leicester

So, at last I've tried the Pricey Pinks, but only at lunchtime, for the good value buffet. (Far too many exclamation marks though) - anyway, tasty startery snacks. Baji things, Tandoori chicken, nice to have that golden yellow, and not typical tandoori food colouring red. Must comment on the micro samosas, perhaps useful filling a breakfast cereal bowl they were so tiny, but as there's plenty of them, doesn't really matter. Good mains, three each veggie & meat, -very tasty Lamb Rogan, and nice Chicken Korma and Jalfreize. Chunky yellow dal, sag aloo and something else. Freshly made naan too. All in all a good experience, £7.99 I think.

Shimla Pinks
Red Hot World Buffet 87 - 91 High Street, Leicester (Out of business Feb 2017)
Another of those world buffets, plenty of curries to qualify for these pages. Also Chinese, Pizza, burgers bangers and beans. Very enjoyable food. so much choice that everyone should be happy. Spicy but not too hot, all sorts of snacks and traditional saucy curries. Probably the best range of desserts I've met at one of these places, lots of fresh fruit, ice cream, cakes, etc. Downside? Dismal Dosa, not crisp. First time I've seen one flipped during cooking. Wrong batter, wrong cook, I suggest. Let me know. And why does a buffet have a service charge, all wrong. Having said that, our group didn't stint on drinks, and the total was (only) £20 each, so I'd go again.
Plenty of fine curry, but a dismal dosa
**at 24th June 2015 the Curry House is boarded up Closed? Refurb? Not known **
Curry House (London Road leicester)
Acceptable, but not what it once was. Even standard dishes were too (Chilli) hot for many palates

December 2014 - early evening bargain, £9.99 ish for starter/main/ rice or bread, very nice.

August 2014
Mixed Kebab, meat was nice, but thick, soggy undercooked and overpoweringly hot marinade/paste. Middle dish suppsed to be Jalfreizi, more like a tarka dahl. I'd expect the jalfeeizi to be spicy, but it was much less so than the kebab, and the icy paneer to its right. Of course the ice won't help with the heat as chilli oils are lipid soluble (not water or alcohol ) - so they disolve in fat. Have a lassi, which works wonders. (Not to be confused with Double Diamond)

Feast India 411 Melton Road leicester
Miles out of town (on the right) This one doesn't say authentic on the tin, but it should. Really fantastic buffet restaurant (£14.95) too much choice to go into, but everything is there buttery chicken, dum alloo, and dhals, and curry snob's gold stars for the live dosa staion with the best sambar in Leicester, and probably anywhere else. Oh yes lamb curries too. Could they move to london Road please?
Where once the were Poppadoms, there is now (as at aug 2015) "Heritage India" One to try at some stage
Poppadoms, 330 Welford Road Leicester - No more Poppadoms
Authentic Indian food it said on the tin, andwho would want to argue. It was certainly very nice, a bit off our usual route, on the edge of Student Land. We chose the special offer - starter, main, rice and nan, for not much at all. (£11.95) So a very tasty chicken chat starter, and a chicken achari, with lumps of pickle in, all very jolly. Special mention to the nan (hello nan) and an excellent spicy pickle tray to accompany the eponymous pops. No need for the silly shaped plates though.
Santhi Restaurant 124 Granby Street Leicester
On the site of the late lamented Dakshin Restaurant - Easy to miss because of its basement location.
An update in spring 2014. The Santhi improves, who would have thought it. The Dosa particularly was fab, lighter and crispier than previously. Brave the stairs, and visit!
A quite excellent experience. Food was delicious. The South Indian style seems to be catching on, very nice to have something different from the mass market madras malarky. Each dish cooked to order, spicy, tasty, not too hot. - Heat requirement noted when each dish was orderd and varied to individual taste, indeed, even the regular critic amongst us could find no fault. That's "chicken 65" on the right, not a tikka, - from Chennai, very tasty. All in all a very good evening out, and a special mention to the first rate staff.
Bombay Aloo Restaurant - 39 Ship Street Brighton
A great place for lunch in the centre of Brighton. An all Veggie buffet, at an excellent price of £4.95 (lunch or dinner, price at December 2012). We visited in late summer 2012, and enjoyed the chunky veg curries, dahl, pops and naan and fried bits and pieces.