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"Kayal" Granby Street, Leicester (April 2012)
Have often passed "Kayal" on my way to and from Leicester city centre, have now visted. Quite an enjoyable meal - in Southern Indian restaurants I can't resist a dosa, so that was my quite substantial starter. Dosa light and crisp, a little dark in colour. In common with other dishes on the menu, the accompanying sambar a bit sweeter than I recall from my visit to Kochi/Cochin. My companion enjoyed the fried fish starter from the specials board. Main course, the Chef's signature dish "Cheera Erachi Curry" tender lamb as suggetsed on the menu, in an averagely tasty sauce, a nicely flaky paratha, and for a side dish, Vendakka mezhukkuvaratty, which has a simlar amount of letters to the pieces of chopped okra served. Very nice okra too, just not much of it for £4.99. So in summary, nice, not exceptional, high prices. Popadoms, two starters (dosa not a starter as such) two mains and a side, and four beers.-£57. - Problems with links and seems also that if you believe the pictures, Keralan life is all at 45 degrees. Annoying lamp cursor!
Think I'll start a currysnob campaign for proper plates. Never seen the need for square plates, nor the palette shaped rejects.
Spring 2012, our first curry outing of the year after a few Chinese diverisons. - (the excellent Terra Cotta) - So another visit to the fabled Curry House. We had hoped that "Dakshin" would have re-opened, but no luck. Curry House didn't disappoint, food up to standard. However, some dishes (e.g. the tandoori chicken) a little spicey for some palates, fine by me though.
Curry house naan
"More" Restaurant London Road Leicester
More Restaurant Leicester
Masala Dosa
Food remains good, but this is starting to get a bit pricey at the increased price of £16. We've been put off going because they charge a £5 non refundable deposit per person for group bookings, and a 10/% compulsary service charge for groups over 10. How a buffet restaurant can justify that is beyond me.
A new addition to London road October 2011, a world cuisine buffet, Indian, chinese etc. This was surprisingly good. Magnificent thin crispy dosa, always a good start, I enjoyed the lentil curry and tender lamb. Lots of other dishes to cater for all tastes. Venue is large and echoey, on a Saturday night was very busy, but no logjams at the food counters. The proprieter took time to visit each table and chat, which was a nice touch. Not the venue for a quiet night out, but good food, Saturday evening £15, for the buffet, Cobra £3.30 a pint and the house wines for £12 a bottle. A good selection of indian sweets/desserts too.
--and sometimes I don't go out (October 2011)

- I just stay in and cook, very nice when visitors call, so a curry themed evening in, every now and then.Incense burning, Lagaan on the DVD player, and a bottle or two of cool, thrilling Kentish lager.

On this occasion, started with a restaurant favourite, prawn on puri, with a yoghurt mint sauce and salad relish (with just a touch of achari masala). Mains were chicken in coconut milk with pineapple and almonds, to appeal to those who like the mild, korma style dishes, and chicken again, in a sambar style gravy. Plain boiled basmati rice, and sabat urid dal as a side veggie dish.

My Kitchen
Kentish lager
Carrot salad
Prawn puri
Mint Sauce
three curries
Coconut chicken Urid dal Chciken sambar

Bombay Lounge, North Street, Brighton. August 2011
Bombay Lounge
Bombay Lounge
Bombay Lounge

Wandering down North Street just after 3.30, feeling a bit peckish and spotted this place - with a "Happy Hour" buffet from 3.30 - 5.00, all you can eat for £5.50. Good selection for a lunchtime buffet, splendid chicken and lamb curries, dahl, two other veggie curries, Nan, rice and popadoms etc. And very nice spicy pickles, chilli and veg. Great value, on the list for a visit next time.



Bob's Restaurant Colva, Goa  
Thali, Cochin
Bob's Kitchen again
The Radio Restaurant Bombay (Or Mumbai if you must)

I still rate this as (probably) my favourite Indian restaurant of all time. Being in India helps I suppose. OK it was a while ago that I last visited, (1998--) but the memory is fresh, of delicious food and friendly staff, more than willing to show us round the kitchen. Good place for a restaurant , a few moments away from Crawford Market, not far from Victoria Terminus Railway station ( As seen in Slumdog Millionaire). So next time you're in Bombay, pay them a visit.
Radio Restaurant, 10, Musafir Khana, Palton Road, Tel: +91 22 22617171, and still there, I believe.

Radiop Restaurant
The Radio Restaurant 1998
Anjuna Goan Restaurant - Highcross Street Leicester
This is very different. - Real Goan food in Leicester. The classics you'll know from your Goan holidays - Xacuti, Sorpotel - and a real Vindaloo with pork and vinegar (Not the over chilli hot post-pub slime so familiar in many restaurants) Enjoy a huge Naan, and for extra authenticity (if you dare) a glass of Cashew Feni. Don't find that in the UK very often --
Anjuna Leicester


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